The Chronicler's Notes - April 14, 2014 - Public Appearance!

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to another week at Chronicle!    This week, I've got an announcement about my first public appearance and some quick updates about what we've got going on here related to the appearance.

fcbd 2014.jpg


MAY 3RD, 2014

I'll be appearing at Rick's Comic City in Nashville, TN starting at 10am.  I'll be giving out minicomics, doing sketches for people, and saying hi to Nashville's growing comics community!  

I may have some Character Codex freebies and merch as well!

On a related note, let me just say that if you haven't been to a Free Comic Book Day event before, you need to find one.  This is one of those days where comic geeks can fly their flag proudly and the buzz is always so positive.  Find one near you if you can.  They are so much fun and you'll get some great deals and get to meet some neat people as well.

So, come on out and say hi!  You'll be supporting not only me, but the comics community, and in particular, a really great comic shop that knows what their comic fans want!

I mentioned on Friday, that things would be shifting towards Chronicle art for the next few weeks leading up to Free Comic Book Day.  That's going to be the case for a couple of the features on the site for the next few weeks.  The main reason for this is I need to get some nice promo images going that I can show off at my table.  So here are a couple of changes for the rest of the month:

First, as I said before, Fun Art Friday is going to be Chronicle based for a few weeks.  I love drawing other characters besides my own, but I want to be able to show off my cast as well.

Second, The World of Chronicle, is going to be more art-focused and less story-focused for awhile.  You'll see some concept art and maybe some background stuff as well.  However, please do check out last week's short story about the adventurers that appeared in last week's strip.  Those characters are based on one of my old gaming groups and I love writing them.  They're going to be part of the Chronicle plot coming up and I'm planning on doing a few more stories with them later on this year.

The main comic and the Character Codex are not going to change, although I will say that any fans of the original Chronicle will want to check out the Character Codex this week for a couple of surprises!

Have a great week!