Chronicle is a collection of stories set in a fantasy world.  These stories focus on individuals and the events they find themselves a part of.  From king to street rat, all have stories and will be chronicled.  As the case is with life, these stories interweave forming a complex tapestry of victories, defeats, life, death, order, chaos, beauty, and terror.  All of this is presented to you, dear reader, in the hope that you find a role for yourself in the Chronicle as well.

Our Story

Chronicle began in 1999 as a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.  Six friends sat down in a college dorm lobby and played a game.  In the course of the game, character sketches were drawn that took on a life of their own.  The idea was formed to put these adventures down into a comic book and so, Chronicle was created.

Than Gibson and Julie Collins wrote, illustrated, and self-published Chronicle as a comic book but the costs of self-publishing a physical book were larger than they expected.  Life took over and the comic ceased to be.  But, Chronicle did not fade.

New adventures in the Chronicle world continued.  New groups of heroes rose to defeat evil and oppose tyranny.  New friendships were made and old friends said farewell.  All was chronicled.

Now Chronicle begins anew with tales of these heroes, villains, and rogues.  Will you find your role in the Chronicle as well?


About the Author

The Chronicler.jpg

“The Chronicler” - Than Gibson has had a life-long yearning for adventures in fantastic lands.  As a child in the 80's, he was influenced by visionaries such as George Lucas, Walt Disney, Jim Henson, Lou Scheimer, and Don Bluth.  These creators focused on the details it took to build a believable world that audiences would want to visit.

Later on, Than discovered other world-builders such as C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman, Neil Gaiman, and Hayao Miazaki.  All of these creators demonstrated that it is the intriguing complexities of the simplest of things that breathe life into a world and the people in it.

It was through his love of reading, drawing, and writing that he let his imagination grow but combined with the constructive play of games his imagination soared.  Than is a life long gamer and especially fond of games that allow a story to be told, especially tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Than studied art and literature at Lipscomb University, receiving a BFA in Visual Arts.  He continues to be a lifelong student of both crafts as well as an avid lover history and cultures.

Gibson resides in Nashville, TN with his wife, Rachel and their two sons.  Without the love and support from his family and friends this would not be possible.

He can be found on twitter: @thangib and reddit: /u/chronicle_than.