Fun Art Friday! - Elysia



For the next couple of weeks, Fun Art Friday is going to focus on our Chronicle characters, as I get some promo art ready for my first public appearance.  You may have seen a mention of it on the Chronicle Facebook page, but there will be more about it in the Chronicler's Notes on Monday, so check back then to see where you can come meet me and get a sketch!

So, today's subject is Elysia, our resident sorceress.  I'm going to sit down and write some Thalin and Elysia stories someday, so I don't want to go to much into their background just yet.  But, I will talk a bit about her design.

Elysia's a Celasyn (or "high elf"), which means she's from the civilized branch of the elf family tree.  Her purple dress with its embroidered, corseted waist is indicative of perhaps a once noble life.  However, the pants worn beneath the dress reflect a practicality that she has learned since becoming involved with the Lower Haven Thieves' Guild.

Haven as a whole, is a very warm, arid, desert city, so the clothing is more loose and flowing.  You'll see in several of the Thieves' Guild cast, flowing dresses, pants, or billowy sleeves.  At the same time, these are thieves so they can't have loose fabric getting in the way. I try to balance the two.

Elysia's personality still conveys that nobility that is ingrained in her, but she does have a rebellious/wild side.  Her look here is basically saying, "Do you really think you can dodge this fireball?"