The Chronicler's Notes - Elves! - March 24th, 2014

Welcome to another week at Chronicle!  If you've just discovered our site through some of our new advertising partners, please take a moment to look around!  There's something for everyone.

This week kicks off our Month of Elves!  We've now met Elysia in the comic and we're moving into the Elves section of the Character Codex.  Also, over in the World of Chronicle, we're detailing the nuances of the two predominant elven cultures.  Last week, we learned about the Celasyn.  This week we'll learn about the Sayesyn, or wild elves.  

Elf Barbarian - Sketch

Elf Barbarian - Sketch

As luck would have it, we'll actually see our first Sayesyn in the Character Codex this week with the Female Elf Barbarian.  Here's a sketch preview to wet your appetite.

 Also in the Codex this week is the Male Elf Bard.  He'll be a Celasyn.

 Virtual Tabletop Tokens will be available for both of these the day they go out.  That means tomorrow is the last day for the dwarves!

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Have a great week and I'll see you tomorrow in the Old Wood with the Sayesyn!