Character Codex Round 5 - Dwarf Sorcerer Dwarf Wizard

Here we go with Round 5 of the Character Codex!  This will finish off the dwarves.  If you've missed any, check out the Character Codex Gallery.  Next week we will start with a female Elf Barbarian and a Male Elf Bard.

Speaking of elves, make sure to check out the latest comic where we introduce Elysia, our first elf character.  Also, make sure to have a look at the World of Chronicle entry for the Celesyn, or high elves of Chronicle.  Next week's entry will be for the Saesyn, or wild elves.  

Also in the World of Chronicle section, you will see our Virtual Tabletop Token Gallery.  This week all 11 dwarf classes are in there.  Next week, we'll rotate out and start adding in the elves.

Finally, come back tomorrow for a new strip as we begin to investigate exactly what happened in Autumn's encounter with the Slumripper.

All right, here we go.

Dwarf Sorcerer

For the Dwarf Wizard, I wanted to still show that no-nonsense style of the dwarves, but I also wanted to give this guy some power.  He's a high-level guy but he keeps his robes fairly modest, save for all the enchantments!

This is our first look at the wizards of Chronicle.  We'll be exploring a lot more of the Brotherhood of the Threefold Path, the organization most wizards in Chronicle belong to, later.  For now, this wizard is a member of the Grey Order, an order within the Brotherhood dedicated to magical research and observation.

First up is the dwarf sorcerer.  I wanted to show a distinction here between sorcerers and wizards.  Sorcerers in Chronicle can be anybody.  You don't have to be of a special family, have great wealth, or be well-educated.  Literally anybody can be born with the talent to tap into the natural energies of magic.  I wanted to draw her as being "down to earth" and what better way in work clothes and moving earth.  The dwarves of Jaxstein use magic like this to carve out the terraces they use for farming in the mountain valleys.  This dwarf may just be one of those terraformers.  


Dwarf Wizard

So, there you have it! 11 dwarves down, 66 adventurers to go.  See you next week with the elves!