The Sorcerers of Chronicle

In the world of Chronicle, there are two types of magic users, sorcerers and wizards.  Sorcerers use magic naturally as an inherent talent which they are born with.  Wizards must train and study magic using complex spells in order to harness the power of magic.  Both sorcerers and wizards tap into the power of the AEtherweb, an arcane magical energy that flows through the world.

The AEtherweb is believed to have existed long before the world and even before the Architects of Creation.  It is believed that the AEtherweb is the original structure of the cosmos out of which the Architects, the mortals, and eventually, the Dragons sprang.  


What is known, is that the Aetherweb is a primal force like light or gravity and also a dimension like space or time.  It is a fluid, bridged path between these constants.  The other known fact about the AEtherweb is that it in its natural state it is unpredictable.  No one knows why for sure, but the AEtherweb ebbs and flows in chaotic ways.  Religion says that it is the  Dragon King, imprisoned in his chains flailing violently.  Wizards say that the AEtherweb is like a wild beast and only through careful calculations and experimentation can it be tamed.  Science says that the AEtherweb is simply too much energy to tap into directly and that it requires some form of resistor or transformer to temper it into usable energy. 

Whatever the reason, those who can tap into that raw power, sorcerers, will from time to time experience what has come to be known as The Sorcerer's Surge.  The Sorcerer's Surge is an unexpected effect on a spell that a sorcerer casts.  Sometimes it is an unexpected result, sometimes it is an increase or decrease in power, sometimes it is simply a violent burst of destruction.  Sorcerers hone their control over the magic that courses through them, limiting the amount of surges that happen.  And yet the potential is always there.

For that reason, sorcerers are viewed by many as dangerous.  This is a fear that the group of wizards known as the Brotherhood of the Threefold bolster.  Mistrust of sorcerers allows them to gain better standing in the community, for wizards' magic does not surge.

Sorcerers in the Chronicle Campaign Setting are the same as sorcerers presented in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with the exception of their bloodline choice.  Presented below is the Natural Caster Bloodline written for compatible use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Natural Caster Bloodline

All sorcerers in Chronicle have the Natural Caster bloodline. They have a stronger bond to the Aetherweb (the source of magic that permeates the world) than most and can draw on its power freely without the need to keep a spellbook or memorize spells.  This bond also allows them to perceive magic in people, places, and things.  However, the drawback is that they have no means of regulating the flow of Aether through their bond and it can result in a Sorcerer's Surge, an unexpected magical event that can produce wildly unpredictable effects.

Due to the volatile nature of Natural Casting, the group of wizards known as The Brotherhood of the Threefold Path has made it one of their goals to eliminate the use of sorcery.  As such is the case, sorcerers are always aware of their surroundings and are cautious about who they use their magic around.


Class Skill: Perception


Bonus Spells: 3rd - Identify, 5th - Alter Self, 7th - Arcane Sight, 9th - Minor Creation, 11th - Major Creation, 13th - Analyze Dweomer (no focus necessary), 15th - Arcane Sight, Greater, 17th - Protection From Spells, 19th - Mage's Disjunction


Bonus Feats: Alertness, Combat Casting, Empower Spell, Improved Counterspell, Improved Initiative, Maximize Spell, Silent Spell, Still Spell


Bloodline Arcana: Sorcerer's Surge.  For every spell cast make a concentration check (DC 10+ twice the spell's level). Normal concentration modifiers apply.  If the roll is failed, a Sorcerer's Surge occurs.  The GM determines its effect either by improvising or rolling on the Sorcerer's Surge Effect chart.


Bloodline Powers

Natural Casters show an increasing connection with the Aetherweb as they gain levels, becoming more in tune with the very nature of magic itself.

Spell Resistance (Ex)At 1st level, you gain Spell Resistance equal to  11 + its your Sorcerer levels.  As you gain levels this resistance increases.  Prestige Classes that count as an extra level to the sorcerer class for the purposes of determining spells also count towards this resistance.

Metamagic Adept (Ex): At 3rd level, you can apply any one metamagic feat you know to a spell you are about to cast without increasing the casting time. Doing so adds a +5 to your Sorcerer's Surge DC and you must still expend a higher-level spell slot to cast this spell. You can use this ability once per day at 3rd level and one additional time per day for every four sorcerer levels you possess beyond 3rd, up to five times per day at 19th level. At 20th level, this ability is replaced by arcane apotheosis.

New Arcana (Ex): At 9th level, you can add any one spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list to your list of spells known. This spell must be of a level that you are capable of casting. You can also add one additional spell at 13th level and 17th level.

Pure Magic (Su): At 15th level, you may reroll any caster level check made to overcome spell resistance. You must decide to use this ability before the results are revealed by the GM. You must take the second result, even if it is worse. You can use this ability at will. 

Arcane Apotheosis (Ex): At 20th level, your body surges with arcane power. You can add any metamagic feats that you know to your spells without increasing their casting time, although doing so adds a +5 to your Sorcerer's Surge DC for each feat you apply and you must still expend higher-level spell slots.

Whenever you use magic items that require charges, you can instead expend spell slots to power the item. For every three levels of spell slots that you expend, you consume one less charge when using a magic item that expends charges.  Make a  Sorcerer's Surge check when using this ability (DC 10+ item's CL)

Sorcerer's Surge Outcome Tables

The GM is always encouraged to improvise Sorcerer's Surge effects but may roll on the following tables instead.  The GM should always determine the outcome of a Sorcerer's Surge.  You may choose to roll on either Table 1 for a variation in Caster Level or on Table 2 for a Surge effect (or both if the check was failed terribly!)

Table 1:Sorcerer's Surge Level Variation




Table 2: Sorcerer's Surge Results

  Roll a d100 or d%


     01        Wall of force appears in front of caster

    02        Caster smells like a skunk for spell duration (all creatures within 10' must make a Fort Save DC 15 or be nauseated)

    03        Caster shoots forth eight nonpoisonous snakes from fingertips; snakes do not attack

    04        Caster breaks out in an itching rash and takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day or until Remove disease is cast.

    05        Caster glows as per a light spell

    06        Spell effect has 60' radius centered on caster

    07        Next phrase spoken by caster becomes true, lasting for 1 round

    08        Caster’s hair grows one foot in length

    09        Caster pivots 180 degrees, this may cause an attack of opportunity

    10        Caster’s face is blackened by a small explosion

    11        Caster develops allergy to his magical items; cannot control sneezing until all magical items are removed (1d6 rounds)

    12        Caster’s head enlarges for 1d3 rounds

    13        Caster is under the effects of a reduce person spell  for 1d3 rounds

    14        Caster falls madly in love with target until a remove curse is cast

    15        Spell fails and the slot is used

    16        Caster polymorphs randomly 

    17        Colorful bubbles come out of caster’s mouth instead of words (words are released when bubbles pop); spells with verbal components are delayed for 1 round

    18        Reversed tongues affects all within 60 feet of caster

    19        Wall of fire encircles the caster

    20        Caster’s feet enlarge, reducing movement to half and adding -4 penalty to attack rolls for 1d3 rounds.

    21        Caster suffers same spell effect as target

    22        Caster levitates 20 feet for 1d4 rounds

    23        Cause fear within a 60' radius centered on the caster; all in radius except caster must make saving throw

    24        Caster speaks in a squeaky voice for 1d6 days

    25        Caster gains X-ray vision for 1d6 rounds

    26        Caster ages 10 years

    27        Silence, 15' radius centers on caster    

    28        10'radius pit appears immediately in front of the caster, 5 feet deep per level of the caster

    29        Reverse gravity beneath caster’s feet for 1 round

    30        Colored streamers pour from caster’s fingertips

    31        Spell effect rebounds on caster

    32        Caster becomes invisible

    33        Color spray from caster’s fingertips

    34        Stream of butterflies pours from caster’s mouth

    35        Caster leaves monster-shaped footprints instead of his own until a dispel magic is cast

    36        1d12 gems shoot from the caster’s fingertips; each is worth 1d6 x 10 gp

    37        Music fills the air

    38        Create food and water

    39        All normal fires within 60 feet of caster are extinguished

    40        One magical item within 30 feet of caster (randomly chosen) is permanently drained

    41        One normal item within 30 feet of caster (randomly chosen) becomes permanently magical

    42        All magical weapons within 30 feet of caster are increased by +2 for 1 round

    43        Smoke trickles from the ears of all creatures within 60 feet of the caster for 1 round

    44        Dancing lights

    45        All creatures within 30 feet of the caster begin to hiccup (Concentration check for spell casting, -2 to attack)

    46        All normal doors, secret doors, portcullises, etc. (including those locked or barred) within 60' of the caster open

    47        Caster and target exchange places

    48        Spell affects random target within 60 feet of caster

    49        Spell fails but no slot is used

    50        Summon Monster II (DM's Choice)

    51        Sudden change in weather (temperature rise, snow, rain, etc.) lasting 1d6 rounds

    52        Deafening bang affects everyone within 60 feet; those who can hear are Deafened for 1d3 rounds

    53        Caster and target exchange voices until a remove curse is cast

    54        Gate opens to a randomly chosen Outer Plane; 50% chance for extraplanar creature to appear       

    55        A bright flash affects everyone within 60 feet; those who can see are Dazzled for 1d3 rounds

    56        Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) decreases by 50%

    57        Spell reversed, if reverse is possible

    58        Spell takes physical form as free-willed elemental and cannot be controlled by caster; elemental remains for the duration of the spell and its touch causes the spell effect

    59        All weapons within 60 feet of the caster glow for 1d4 rounds

    60        Spell functions; any applicable saving throw is not allowed

    61        Spell appears to fail when cast, but occurs 1d4 rounds later

    62        All magical items within 60 feet of caster glow for 2d8 days

    63        Caster and target switch personalities for 2d10 rounds

    66        Slow spell centered on target

    65        Target Dazed for 1 round

    66        Lightning bolt shoots toward target

    67        Target enlarged

    68        Darkness centered on target

    69        Plant growth (Overgrowth) centered on target

    70        1,000 lbs. of nonliving matter within 10 feet of target vanishes

    71        Fireball centers on target

    72        Target turns to stone

    73        Spell is cast; spell slot is retained

    74        Every creature within 10 feet of caster receives the benefit of a heal spell

    75        Target becomes sickened for 2d4 rounds 

    76        Wall of fire encircles target

    77        Target levitates 20 feet for 1d3 ropunds

    78        Target suffers blindness

    79        Target is charmed as per charm monster

    80        Memory Lapse on target

    81        Target’s feet enlarge, reducing movement to half normal and adding -4 to attacks for 1d3 rounds

    82        Rust monster appears in front of target

    83        Target polymorphs randomly

    84        Target falls madly in love with caster until a remove curse is cast

    85        Caster changes sex

    86        Small, black raincloud forms over caster

    87        Stinking cloud centers on caster

    88        Heavy object (boulder, anvil, safe, etc.) appears  over target and falls for 2d20 points of damage

    89        Target begins sneezing and can only take move actions for 1d6 rounds

    90        Spell effect has 60' radius centered on target (all within suffer the effect)

    91         Target breaks out in an itching rash and takes a –2 penalty to Dexterity and Charisma for 1 day or until Remove disease is cast.

    92        Caster's race randomly changes until canceled by a dispel magic

    93        Caster turns ethereal of 2d4 rounds

    94        Haste spell on the target instead of intended 

    95        All cloth on target crumbles to dust

    96        Caster sprouts leaves (no damage caused, can be pruned without harm)

    97        Caster sprouts new useless appendage (wings, arm, ear, etc.) which remains until dispel magic is cast

    98        Caster changes color (canceled by dispel magic)

    99        Spell has minimum duration of 1 round (e.g.: a fireball creates a ball of flame that remains for 1 round, a lightning bolt bounces and continues, possibly rebounding, for 1 turn, etc.)

   100       Spell effectiveness (range, duration, area of effect, damage, etc.) increase 200%

Note: The Sorcerer's Surge Results tables are based on the AD&D and d20 Wild Magic Tables produced by TSR and Wizards of The Coast.Their use here is strictly as an homage to Wild Mage class of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition.  No copyright or ownership is claimed by Chronicle or Than Gibson.

Bloodline Traits and spells are taken from the Pathfinder Game Reference Document and are printed here for use under the Open Game License.

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