A Brief History of the Lower Haven Thieves' Guild, Part 1

Jedrak Afzal

- excerpt taken from "The Chronicle of The Lone Wolf" by Melchior of Tarathon


Ever since there has been a city at the mouth of the Tarathon River, there has been a thieves' guild there.  Early on, it was a loose confederation of the local street gangs who saw value in organizing against the city guards.  They also saw value in having a Guild Master, someone who could adjudicate disputes over territory and shares of the wealth.  The Guild Master was elected by a vote of the individual gang leaders and a vote could be called at any time.  This situation worked very well for hundreds of years.  


Over time, the gangs blended into each other and the Thieves' Guild became its own enterprise.  When the sky was closed up by the building of Upper Haven, many independent criminals saw it as an opportunity to carve out their own seedy business.  The Thieves' Guild had to take action or lose control of Lower Haven.  They elected a tougher Guild Master, Jedrak Afzal, who took care of the new threats with a much heavier hand.  After control was regained, Afzal named his sons as lieutenants, replacing the old Guild Council and a dynastic reign was created.  


The Afzals controlled the Thieves' Guild for many generations, spreading its influence and gaining control of much of Lower Haven.  They controlled the taverns, the brothels, the gambling houses, the city watch and even managed to have members of the family elected as mayor.  It was under their reign that Lower Haven evolved into a vast hive of corruption, scum, and danger.


It would take a long time until their greed was brought to an end.  It would also take the right kind of person; not a rich or powerful manipulator like the Afzals, but a Lone Wolf who would stand alone against those who would oppress others.