Characters of Note


Elysia is the chief sorceress of the Lower Haven Thieves' Guild.  She is one of the three elders of the guild along with her husband Thalin and their lifelong friend Elias.  Elysia's primary responsibility in the guild is to keep them equipped with any magical equipment required, to identify any new items brought in, and to disenchant any potentially dangerous ones.  Elysia is also the guild's liaison with the Coalition of Free Magi, the resistance force of sorcerers that is opposing the Brotherhood of Free Magi's ever strengthening crusade to stamp out sorcery.

Elysia is Celasyn elf, though what noble house she belongs to is a secret.  What is known about her background is that she once lived in Upper Haven with her wealthy family.  Tales have been spun as to the exact nature of their meeting, but at some point she met a half-elf thief, Thalin, who had made his way up to  Upper Haven.  The two fell in love and ran away having many adventures before returning to Haven, where She, Thalin, and Elias took over the Thieves' Guild.

Elysia and Thalin took in a young girl who was brought to the guild from the streets of Lower Haven.  They gave her the name Autumn and raised her as their own daughter.  When they learned that she was gifted with sorcery, Elysia began to teach her how to control the magic within her. Elysia has been Autumn's closest confidant ever since.

Concept Art of Elysia

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