Character Codex - Bonus Round! - Halfling Wizard

As promised, here is the Halfling Wizard!

Since I had a break this past holiday weekend, I spent a little bit more time on her than I usually do and added a few details. Since Cauns, halflings in Chronicle, are a nomadic lot, I imagined that any wizards that exist would be hedge wizards, picking up magic as they traveled. So, I gave her lots of knick-knacks and talismans. Her staff has a crystal in it that I imagine she uses for divinations and casting spells into. I also gave the staff a shod point because I can see her drawing magic circles with it.

I've had a lot of fun drawing the halflings! The Caun in Chronicle are my attempt to move halflings further away from the hobbits that they are started out as. By making them a fey race that has a few unique qualities, they can stand apart.

I'll see you on Wednesday, for the first of the Half-Elves!