Fun Art Friday! - Rocket Jayne!

Rocket Jayne.jpg

It's Fun Art Friday! If you don't know what you're looking at go watch Firefly and read Guardians of the Galaxy now! Both of these sci-fi properties are really worth spending some time with. I'm pretty excited about the Guardians movie coming out in August (right before my birthday!) A lot of my non-comic reading friends are scratching their heads at it, but, man it has so much potential to be one of those really fun sci-fi movies, like Fifth Element or Firef;y/Serenity (except for that part at the end of course). So I dressed Rocket Raccoon up like Jayne Cobb.

If you like this, you need to get it on a T-Shirt! I've opened up a Teepublic store and this is my first experiment with it. If it does well, I will put up more.

I also want to acknowledge the amazing Skottie Young, whose design of Rocket I used for inspiration. Go check out his stuff and send some love his wayl