Fun Art Friday! - Thalin

This week's Fun Art Friday drawing is Thalin, the legendary Lone Wolf and leader of the Lower Haven Thieves' Guild!

Thalin, a half elf, grew up in Lower Haven, one of its many street rats.  His clothing style reflects the more flowing style that is typical of this region.  Both his pants and shirt are made of loose cotton to allow for better airflow.  At the same time, he wears gaiters over his boots to keep his pants cuffs tight and out of the way of any fancy footwork.  The bandanna is for sand or dust in the air.  

Finally, you can get a pretty good look at Thalin's Lone Wolf Pendant and Desert Wolf Blades.  In his youth, Thalin earned a reputation as the infamous Lone Wolf, a dashing rogue who preyed on the greedy and corrupt powers of both Lower and Upper Haven.  The pendant was his symbol and the blades were a gift from a nomad who taught him the Whirlwind Stance, a powerful fighting technique.