Character Codex Round 8 - Elf Paladin, Ranger, and Rogue

Welcome to another week of the Character Codex, where I'm drawing my way through all 77 race/class combinations in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Core Rulebook, giving each one a Chronicle twist.

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Now, onto this week's characters!

Elf Paladin

Elf Paladin


First up is the Elf Paladin.  Sticking with the traditional Japanese theme that I've been working with, I felt that elven paladins would very much mirror the samurai of feudal Japan.  They adhere to a strict warrior code of honor all in the service of their lord, in the case of these paladins, the goddess Belagaea.  Belagaea's paladins protect the wild like her druids and rangers do.  But, they also are tasked to aid the temples and keep the peace of nature.

This particular paladin is a Celasyn. Her tight hair bun and composure are signs of a more civilized upbringing.  Sasyn paladins are rare, but not unheard of.  They tend to be a bit more rough around the edges and are seen as a bit of an oddity.

I wanted the paladin to reflect the elf cleric's robes of green and yellow while at the same time being able to wade into battle.  Her samurai-styled armor is made of magically hardened wood called Ironwood.  I went with a basic katana for her sword, but I would change that up to an elven longsword for some flavor if I were to redo it.

Elf Ranger

Elf Ranger

Second, we have the Elf Ranger.  This is Jade, a Celasyn ranger who spends most of his time in the deep woods hunting lizardfolk.  His green hair is a trademark of his family, House Comet.  House Comet is known for producing only the most elite of rangers.  Somewhere in House Comet's past a minor curse was placed on them that they would always stick out by having unusual hair color.  No one in house Comet has a "traditional" elven hair color.

Jade's bow is a powerful magical weapon with an elven name that translates roughly to "Mother's Tears." It is recognized by the blindfolded, winged, elf whose neck the bowstring ties around.

Jade's protege is Lex, the Elf Rogue below.  His serious demeanor is often a counterpoint to her lively ways.  Both of these characters were to be part of the cast of the original Chronicle comic book series.

Elf Rogue

Elf Rogue

Finally, we come to the Elf Rogue.  This Lex, a Sasyn elf girl who partners with Jade the Elf Ranger.  Lex is a counterbalance to Jade with her free spirit and feisty attitude.  She prefers the rogue skill set to the ranger skill set, though she has become quite good with a bow.  She would rather be the stealthy scout than the noble hunter.

Her signature two-tone wild hair possibly comes from her human maternal grandfather (technically making her 3/4 elf) who may have had a bit of sorcery in his blood.  She wears the same leather wrapping "breeches" as the previously seen elf barbarian and druid.

Lex made one appearance in issue #0 of the original Chronicle comic book, however she was to be a main character  of the series. I hope to some day revisit her and Jade.

The Chronicler's Notes - Two Months In! - March 31, 2014

Hey everyone!  Welcome to another week at Chronicle!

Thalin, leader of the Lower Haven Thieves' Guild

Thalin, leader of the Lower Haven Thieves' Guild

I've got some good stuff planned for you this week, so please check back every weekday for new content!  Also, as a treat here's a peek at the, as of yet, unseen Thalin.  We'll get to him next week.

I want to take a moment and thank you guys for stopping by over the past two months.  I really didn't expect such a reception and I want to express my gratitude.  

For those curious in stats, we just passed 7,000 page views and 3500 unique visits!  I feel like that's huge for only being two months old.  So, thanks so much for showing up!  It looks like some people like Chronicle enough to keep coming back.  I'm averaging around 40 direct links on Wednesday and Thursday.  Those are, of course, Character Codex and Comic updates.  I can't believe how much the Character Codex has taken off!  If you guys stay interested, I'll definitely do the other half with the genders flipped.

For those of you new to the site let me give you a quick run-down of the schedule.

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Wednesday - Character Codex - My continuing project through the classic races and classes of fantasy RPGs.  There are 77 combinations and we're only through 13 so far!

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Character Codex Round 3 - Dwarf Fighter, Monk, and Paladin

Welcome to Round 3 of the Chronicle Character Codex!  We're still making our way through all 77 race/class combinations in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.  If you've missed any of them check out the full gallery.

As always, two quick things before we start.  First, check out the Chronicle comic!  It updates every Thursday, so come back tomorrow for a new strip!  This week's is a lot of fun with 25 characters in it!  So come back and take a look.

Also, if you like what you see and you want your own character drawn, I'm running a sale on Character Sketches.  I also draw other characters besides fantasy, so if you've got a superhero, sci-fi adventurer, supernatural detective, or anything else, I'll be glad to draw it too.

Now on to the Codex!

First up is the Dwarf Fighter.  This guy is an update of a character from the original Chronicle comic book from back in the day. He has the fantastic name, Thorak Doomhammer and is a loyal companion (if the gold is good!)  The original Thorak didn't actually have armor in his design so I added in the chain shirt and greaves to bump up his AC.  



Dwarf Monk

Dwarf Monk

Finally, we have the Dwarf Paladin.  In Chronicle, the majority of dwarves have given up their warrior ways, choosing labor and craftsmanship over combat.  Their god, Jax, blesses this craftsmanship but seeks only true warriors to be his paladins.  This older dwarf is one of the select few and has seen many battles before being honored as a Paladin.  The symbol on his sword's pommel and his belt buckle is the rune for the letter J, for Jax.  His armor's (along with the Dwarf Cleric's armor's) colors (gold and black) are Jax's colors as well.

Dwarf Fighter

Dwarf Fighter

Next up is the Dwarf Monk.  I'm super pleased with how she turned out considering I had a hard time deciding what an eastern style, female dwarf would look like.  Sporting a straw hat, simple kimono-style robes, and a the two-toed sandal, she bears the simplicity of a follower of Vrae, the Chronicle god of Truth, Wisdom, and Discipline.

Dwarf Paladin

Dwarf Paladin

That's it for this week!  Next week, we head into mountains and the cities with the Dwarf Ranger and Dwarf Rogue.

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The Chronicler's Notes - New Schedule - Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Hey everyone!

Dwarf Monk (Rough Sketch)

Dwarf Monk (Rough Sketch)

We're back after a bit of a freeze!  I hope you enjoyed the Elsa Sketch.  I had fun drawing it and i'm going to start adding some non-Chronicle related material to the galleries.  But, more on that in a second.

We had another 1000+ page views last week for the Character Codex!  This thing is picking up steam, so I've decided to give it its own spot on the weekly schedule.  It is now officially going to update on Wednesdays.  This week's a Triple Header with the Dwarf Fighter (male), the Dwarf Monk (female), and the Dwarf Paladin (male).  So, make sure to check back tomorrow to see how they turned out!

With the Character Codex getting its own update that's going to change some things around.  Here's the new schedule:

Monday - The Chronicler's Notes - This blog.  News, essays, and appearances.

Tuesday - RPG Resources and World-Building - I'm combining these two categories because they're kinda the same.  I'll make sure to note when something is an RPG element and when something is a short story so readers don't wonder what Hit Points or Armor Class are!

Wednesday - Chronicle Character Codex.  We're marching our way through all of the traditional D&D style races and classes, using the Pathfinder Core Rulebook as basis.  Each week will have at least two (a male and a female) characters.  77 of them in all!

Thursday - Comic Update - The heart of Chronicle.  This week's strip is a can't miss!  There's 20+ characters in it and I had so much fun drawing it!

Friday - Gallery Work - This is what I was talking about earlier.  I'm going to start putting up some non-Chronicle related work to let you guys see what else I can do and let you see what inspires me as an artist.  So check back here to watch me spread my wings and branch out!

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