The Chronicler's Notes - Shop updates and Chronicle 21 Preview Image

Greetings Chroniclers!


Things have been busy for me lately so I haven't been able to find you guys some choice links to click on.  But I do have a preview image of this week's strip. The action is going to be ramping up the next few weeks. So, stick around for some interesting developments.

Last week, I mentioned that there is a new Artist's Shop. This week I want to go over some of the new features with you.

First, I've added more Character Sketch options to the store as well, so make sure you check those out. There are lots of choices for a character drawing personalized just for you!

Don't forget to pick up your Rocket Jayne T-Shirts! More T-Shirts are on the way!

 Finally, I have added the Gnomes Pack of Virtual Tabletop Tokens. The Virtual Tabletop Tokens are a great way to add some variety to your tabletop RPG. They're optimized for virtual tabletop programs, but they will print as tokens for your physical game as well. I will have some new products in that vein shortly as well. Stay tuned for that.

Have a great week, Chroniclers!