Character Codex - Round 17 - Halfling Fighter and Monk

Greetings Chroniclers! Welcome to the Character Codex!

We're working our way through all 77 race/class combinations in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook.  We're showing off the Halfling Fighter and Monk today.  Normally I do the Paladin in this batch but I've been under the weather and ran out of time. I'll try to have three next week. If you've missed any previous entries you can catch up HERE!

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Now, let's take a look at this week's Halflings!

Halfling Fighter

Halfling Fighter

The Halfling Fighter here is a staple that I wanted to put my style to... the Halfling Duelist. Why a fighter and not a rogue? One word... feats. This mid-level fighter is a flurry of thrusts and parries. She may be small but she's deadly.

Her style is patterned a bit after the illustrations in old dueling manuals. Gloves and doublet over flared long sleeves. The scarf is in line with the dashes of color that Chronicle's Halflings, better known as Caun, throw in. 

Halfling Monk

Halfling Monk

For the Halfling Monk, I wanted to do something a but different. Typically, Halfling monks are depicted as nimble acrobats, tumbling between people's legs and tripping them up. The Caun of Chronicle are indeed nimble but they also like to have a good time! So I made my monk a Drunken Master!

I wanted to show that, yeah, this guy's drunk off his butt, yet at the same time he has the clarity of instinct that Drunken Masters in Kung Fu movies have. I had so much fun drawing this guy and am super pleased with how he turned out.

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