The Chronicler's Notes - Three Months in and Free Comic Book Day Report! - 5/5/14

Greetings Fellow Chroniclers!

Sketch of the Gnome Cleric from this week's Character Codex

Sketch of the Gnome Cleric from this week's Character Codex

The Chronicler's Notes has returned!  We've got several items to talk about today, so I'm just going to dive right into it!

We just passed the three month mark!  Chronicle is growing by leaps and bounds and its all thanks to you guys for coming by the site and seeing what new thing has been posted up.  Last month I gave you guys some rough stats and I'm going to do the same this month so you can see how much your support has grown.  Last month I reported that the site had just passed the 7,000 page view mark and 3500 unique visits.  This month we just passed 11,000 page views and 5,000 unique visitors!  We're still small potatoes but I appreciate every one of you coming by and seeing what I have to offer you.

Speaking of appreciation, I want to express a huge thanks to everyone who came out to see me on Free Comic Book Day!  I nearly ran out of stuff to hand out!  It was so nice to meet all of you and do sketches for you.  Also, I want to thank Rick's Comic City for putting on a fantastic event and for providing the space for local artists to have a spot alongside the industry veterans.

So, if you're one of the 1500 new visitors that have shown up in the past month or you are checking out the webcomic from that guy at Free Comic Book Day let me tell you what goes on here!

Mondays - The Chronicler's Notes - This blog, where you'll get updates from me about what I'm up to, how the site's going, and where we're headed.

Tuesday - The World of Chronicle - This is where I take the opportunity to let you step into the world of the comic a bit more.  Whether it be background information about what you're seeing, RPG material, or short fiction based in the world, Tuesdays are where I flex my world-building muscles.

Wednesday - Character Codex - My continuing project through the classic races and classes of fantasy RPGs.  There are 77 combinations and we're only through 24 so far!

The gnomes are currently invading the Codex and I'm having a ton of fun with them!

Thursday - Chronicle - The main feature of the site is the comic.  The comic is currently following Autumn, a young thief who is dealing with magical powers she can't seem to control.  She and her adopted family are getting involved in the drama of outsiders stepping into their hidden world.

Friday - Fun Art Friday - This is where I draw whatever I feel like drawing.  Most of the time it is something completely "un-Chronicle".  Whether it be characters from other genres or commissions (which, I am currently accepting) you'll see what else I can do, every Friday!