Fun Art Friday - The War Doctor

The War Doctor

The War Doctor

This week's Fun Art Friday is The War Doctor, portrayed by John Hurt in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor.  

I am a huge Doctor Who fan.  I watched reruns of the Tom Baker and Peter Davidson eras on PBS as a kid and rediscovered the series when it came back with Christopher Eccleston.  So, I was pretty excited to be around for the 50th anniversary.  But, I was skeptical.  Rumors were flying around about no previous Doctors being involved, that they were going to mess with the regeneration order, and that, as the crazy fans are want to scream, Steven Moffat had messed everything up.

Instead, we were given a great episode with a solid story that hearkened to the past and resolved plotlines from the present.  Plus, there in the middle of it all was this new incarnation of the Doctor and he was so great I wish we could have more of him.  Getting John Hurt to play him was genius, he fit the role perfectly.

So, I decided to draw him!  I didn't try to go too realistic.  I wanted to draw him in my cartoon style and have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results.  So much so, that I may do the rest of the Doctors down the line!  So stay tuned for more, Whovians!  I did the side profile thing as a sort of portrait study, but I'm thinking about trying a full body animated pose at some point.

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(**And, yes, that special appearance at the end of The Day of the Doctor kicked me right in the nostalgia so much I may have had a happy tear or two.**)