Character Codex Round 9 - Elf Sorcerer and Elf Wizard

Greetings Chroniclers!  Welcome to another week of the Character Codex!

This week we're wrapping up the Month of Elves!  So make sure to get your free Virtual Tabletop Tokens before next week!  All of the elves will be bundled into a low-cost downloadable bundle after that.  Speaking of which, stay tuned to The Chronicler's Notes because there will be more downloadable content coming very soon!

Next week we'll begin the Gnomes!  I can't wait to get started on these guys, especially some of the unusual combinations like Gnome Barbarian or Gnome Paladin. Until then let's take a look at our last two elves!

Elf Sorcerer

Elf Sorcerer

First up is the elf sorcerer.  He looks similar to the Elf Bard and with good reason.  These two are brothers!  They are both from the noble family, House Etyr (Et-ear).  

House Etyr is noted for having a very strong bloodline of sorcery.  They are proud of that lineage and resent that the Celesyn king has chosen to diplomatically align with the wizards of the Brotherhood of the Threefold Path.

This particular elf is one of the younger siblings of the Etyr family.  He is flashy and full of rage.  I've given him a few scars on his face as he's been in several battles and loves spell duels.  Fire is his preferred element, coinciding with his temperament.

Black and red are traditionally House Etyr's, setting them apart from the usual greens, yellows, and browns of other elves.

Elf Wizard

Elf Wizard

Up next is the Elf Wizard.  She is a member of Awyr (aw-ear), the royal house of Celeque, though a distant cousin to the king.  The king has made it a priority that any magically gifted children in House Awyr should immediately be schooled by the Brotherhood.  This is a sign of good faith between the king and the Brotherhood.  As such, she is also a member of the Brotherhood of the Threefold Path.  

As a member of the White Order, she is tasked with mediation, diplomacy, and healing.  White robes are called in whenever the peace needs to be maintained or restored.  They are the most public of the three orders and are seen as the face of the Brotherhood.  This order has unlocked the mystery of Arcane Healing.  Since magical healing has almost exclusively belonged to the divine powers of the gods, this has drawn both intrigue and ire from non-wizards.

Her robes are travelling robes, designed for adventure and walking.  She also has more formal robes to be worn when she is at a Brotherhood academy.