Chronicle in the New Year!

Greetings Chroniclers!

It's the new year and time for some updates!

This week we finish up our interlude, A Tough Crowd in Toryavik! I hope you've enjoyed this little story introducing two of our new characters. Kereth and Pav will be making an encore appearance later this year!

January 30th is the First Anniversary of Chronicle! To celebrate, we'll be kicking off Chapter Two of Autumn's story, which now has the official title, A Chronicle of Thieves! To get ready for this, I will be taking a few weeks off to get a few strips ahead. In the downtime, I will be posting up some concept art and sneak previews of things to come. Make sure to follow me on social media to catch some of this!

I also want to thank everyone who stopped by in 2014! Our final page view count was 39,837! Not too bad for a little fantasy comic/art site! We had 17,993 unique visits and 14,095 unique visitors! I know that if I had not faltered in my updates in the back half of the year and did just a bit more promotion we would have hit 50,000. My goal for the next year is to hit 100,000 page views. I know we can do it guys!

Some of you may be wondering what happened with the other material like the Character Codex and Fun Art Friday. Basically, after I got a new day job my evening schedule changed and I had to cut back on things to keep the comic going. I hope to get back to those features this year because I really do love drawing things besides my characters. It will just take some time.

Keep an eye out for some site changes. I will be revamping the archive soon and making some other cosmetic changes.

That's about it! I look forward to Chronicle in the new year and I hope you do as well!

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Chronicle Returns in Two Weeks!

The first chapter of Chronicle is finished!

With the Haven Thieves' Guild thoroughly dismantled, what will Autumn do now? What happened to Elias and the Adventurers? Who made it out of the Brotherhood's raid alive and are Thalin and Elysia doomed to prison... or worse? Find out soon!

Chronicle will return in two weeks with a new corner of our world as we are introduced to a couple of new characters in an interlude tale called "A Tough Crowd in Toryavik."

In the meantime, I will be posting up preview sketches and artwork on tumblr. If you follow me on social media (and why aren't you?!) you'll get those updates as well.

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has supported Chronicle. We're averaging about 150 page views a day. That's a tiny number on the internet but to me it's huge. That means people are reading it. Every retweet, every share, every reblog, and every +1 really means something. It's a lot of work to get a weekly strip out when you have a full-time job and a family. So whenever I see someone share my work woth their friends it tells me that it's worth it. So, thank you all very much!

Character Codex - Round 22 - Half-Elf Fighter and Monk

Greetings Chroniclers! I want to especially welcome everyone finding us through Tumblr! We had a lot of new followers stop by this past week and let me personally welcome you all!

If you're wondering what's going on here, I'm drawing my way through all 77 race/class combinations in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and with this week's entries WE'VE HIT 50!! We're currently doing the half-elves.  If you've missed any previous entries you can catch up HERE!

Hey, do you use Roll20 or another virtual tabletop? You can pick up the half-elves so far as free Character Codex tokens suitable for use in any virtual tabletop environment! Each week I'll put that week's characters up and you can pick up the whole set by the time that race is done. Missed a race? You can pick up the whole pack in the Artist's Shop.

Want to support the Character Codex? Have me draw your own personal RPG character!  RPG Character Sketches are inexpensive and a great way to show off your characters unique qualities.  You can find out more about that HERE!

Now, let's take a look at this week's Half-Elves!

Half-Elf Fighter

Half-Elf Fighter

First up is the Half-Elf Fighter! If you're reading the comic (and if not, why not!?) then you'll recognize this guy as our resident Guildmaster, Thalin. This a younger Thalin, from his days as The Lone Wolf, the infamous thief and adventurer.

Thalin is another example of a half-elf who identified with his human side. Thalin was raised by his human mother, Ayn in Lower Haven. During the time he is drawn in here, he spent time with the desert rangers know as the Arkari who are mostly human. He learned their dual sword techniques and was gifted a pair of scimitars which he fights with to this day.

So, a thief with ranger fighting techniques? Why is he listed as a fighter? Well, when I gave him stats, I gave him fighter levels for the feats. He's as much a dexterity fighter as he is a rogue. (Plus, the half-elf rogue will be female!)

Half-Elf Monk

Half-Elf Monk

Next up is the Half -Elf Monk. This monk belongs to the same monastic order of Vrae, the god of balance and order, that the Elf Monk belongs to. So, here we have a half-elf who identifies more with her elven side. She finds peace and joy in the balance of nature and the world around her.

This monk would adventure to look for greater understanding of the Great Order and to help others find that understanding as well.

That's it for this week's Character Codex! Stay tuned for more entries, we only have 27 more to go!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for more Thalin action in Chronicle!